"I had heard of the excellence of this program for some time. And you have exceeded my expectations."
John Riley, Jazz Drum Set Guest Artist, to the VCU Jazz Orchestra I on stage during their concert

Students and faculty of VCU and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa) perform together at VCU.

Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Cyprès


"I so enjoyed working with your students and ensembles; the verve and polish with which they performed the music I brought as well as the other charts presented was an inspiration to me. I was also much impressed with the individual talents of many of the students, as instrumentalists, soloists, and even composer/arrangers! Your focus on ensemble skills and encouragement of creative individuality together bring the perfect mix to your bands and students therein. I will be recommending your program to students looking for a quality education in music with an emphasis on the art form we both love — jazz."
Brian Lynch, Jazz Trumpet Artist and Guest Soloist
on a VCU Jazz CD

Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University since Fall 2001, with tenure. Recipient of the VCU School of the Arts' 2015 Faculty Award of Excellence for his teaching, research, and service. Director of Jazz Orchestra I, Instructor of Applied Jazz Trombone, Small Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Theory & Aural Skills, Music Industry. Director, Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band. Advisor to undergraduate students in jazz studies. Duties included the first revision of the B.M. Jazz Studies curriculum in 25 years, plus increasing jazz program visibility; had already directed thousands of dollars of donations into use by the VCU Jazz program before welcoming the gift-pledge of $3 million donation for VCU Jazz Studies from local real estate developer W.E. Singleton.

"I travel all over the world; but to get a chance to work with such great musicians and in this kind of circumstance has been really amazing experience for me. And I learned a great deal watching Tony because he's such an incredible communicator and leader. He has the respect of all these musicians, and he deserves it. And it's just great to watch."
Scott Colley,
VCU Guest Jazz Bassist

"It's clear to me that this band is doing the right thing. I have heard a level of musicianship and groove from this ensemble that I do not often hear in university jazz bands."
Wycliffe Gordon,
VCU Guest Jazz Trombonist, following his

performance with the VCU JO I
at The Midwest Clinic

"As one of García's motives is to prepare his apprentices for any musical challenges they may encounter, the large ensemble faces down and vanquishes charts by composers as disparate as Sammy Nestico ('Ya Gotta Try') and Charles Mingus ('Don't Be Afraid, the Clown's Afraid, Too'), Woody Shaw ('Beyond All Limits') and Oliver Nelson ('Black, Brown & Beautiful...." García arranged Ray Santos' Latin powerhouse, 'Sunny Ray' and lends his trombone to the Faculty Septet on 'Bright Moments' and Freddie Hubbard's 'The Core,' soloing on the latter....García and the VCU Jazz Orchestra are definitely on the right track. The ensemble is admirable, the soloists respectable, the smaller groups tight and focused. A sparkling session by a first-class undergraduate orchestra and guests."
regarding the VCU Jazz CD
"A Joyful Noise"

Created a partnership and exchange between VCU Jazz and the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal that merited the 2013 VCU Community Engagement Award for Research.

Founder of the VCU Jazz Studies Student Grant program, encouraging original research or creative work by students under the close supervision of a faculty member.

Founder and initially Coordinator, VCU B.A. with a Music Business Emphasis.

Regularly contracting guest artist/clinicians to visit VCU. The 2011-12 year, for example, included guest violinists Mat Maneri and Zach Brock; clarinetist Lori Freedman; saxophonists Jeff Antoniuk, Steve Wilson, and Bob Mintzer; trumpeters Graham Breedlove and Taylor Barnett; guitarist Ayman Fanous; pianists Wade Beach and Patrice Rushen; bassists Tom Baldwin, Mat Wigton, Joshua Davis, and James Genus; drummers Emre Kartari, Fred Kennedy, John Riley, and Billy Kilson; drummer and composer John Hollenbeck; our artist in residence, trumpeter John D'earth—plus co-hosted vocalist Ayca Gunduz; vibraphonist Jon Metzger; pianist Xavier Davis; bassist Matthew Parrish; drummer Harry "Butch" Reed; ethnomusicologist Lara Pellegrinelli; the No BS! Brass; and presented guest-performing adjunct faculty and additional alumni—plus an off-campus session with the legendary composer/producer Quincy Jones. Coordinating coalitions of various VCU Departments—such as African American Studies, Multicultural Affairs, Libraries, English, Music, Communication Design, and the Activities Planning Board—towards co-funding and publicizing guest-artist visits.

Regularly engaging professionals to visit the Music Industry class and offer their first-hand expertise and advice, including attorneys, studio engineers and owners, freelance vocalists and instrumentalists, music critics, union representatives, music publishers, arts executives, venue owners and managers, accountants and tax representatives, and agents and artist-managers.

Founder, "Experiencing Music" appreciation class at VCU, resulting in well over 100 students per semester, adding their attendance to VCU concert and rehearsal audiences.

Executive Producer, VCU Virginia High School Jazz Piano Competition, High School Jazz Composition Competition, "Jazz Soufflé" Faculty Workshop Series, and Jazz Day.

Author of the VCU Jazz E-Newsletter to over 2000 high school directors, high school jazz students, VCU Jazz Students Fund donors, former VCU jazz students, residents, and local and international media.

García leads the VCU Jazz Orchestra I in concert.

Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Cyprès

Prior to joining VCU, García was tenured as Associate Professor of Music at Northwestern University (1993-2001), where he served as Coordinator of the NU Combo Program, Director of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, a Guest Director of the Jazz Ensemble, and was the Coordinator of Jazz Studies for the National High School Music Institute. At NU he instructed Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Theory, The Business of Jazz, Jazz Perspectives, Concepts in Jazz Pedagogy, Seminar in Jazz Pedagogy, Teaching Jazz Improvisation; independent studies in Jazz Arranging, Composing for the Musical Theatre, Composition; Integrated Arts courses Art Process, Modes of Music; and he served as Guest-Lecturer of Instrumental Methods, Teaching Composition in the Schools, Performance Practice and Criticism, Jazz: Elements, Sounds, Gestures; Guest Director of Jazz Lab Band, Trombone Choir, and Millar Chapel Choir. He was an advisor to undergraduate and graduate students in jazz studies, music performance, writing for the musical theatre, and cross-campus double-degree programs.

"After hundreds of hours in a practice room, I could really have used Tony's passion for making a living with all that hard-earned talent. Music school can be a very narrow place; Tony throws open the shutters and welcomes in the real world of—GASP!—music business. It took me three years after college to figure out that menu by myself, eventually launching a successful, non-profit music business of my own. Many of my musician buddies from college gave up and got out of music. I've seen first-hand what Tony García's giving to music students."
Karl Androes, Founder & Executive Director, Whirlwind

Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty, García was tenured as Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Northern Illinois University, (1987-1993), where his duties similar to the above also included instructing Jazz Arranging I & II and Music Industry.

"As the owner/operator of America's oldest, continuously operating jazz supper club in Washington, D.C. I produce performances, concerts and festivals-something somewhere every day. I was invited to attend the Music Industry class by Tony García of VCU and was unexpectedly unaware of the class content. What I did discover was perhaps the finest articulation of our industry I have ever encountered. While I mainly keep to the urban and jazz genres it may be the most idiosyncratic of all the music operating models ever created and the even more difficult to explain. Thank you for passing your torch to the next generation of our listening audiences."
Harry Schnipper, Executive Director, Blues Alley
(in a letter to Altria Theatre staff who guest-lectured the class).










VCU Jazz Bass Prof. Victor Dvoskin and his friend and protegé Boris Koslov
after an imprompu duet on the VCU stage.

Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Cyprés


Exceptional faculty faculty abound at the university, department and program levels. I am extremely proud to be associated in particular with my jazz colleagues Taylor Barnett (Jazz Improvisation), Carlos Chafin (Affiliate Faculty, In Your Ear Studio), Reginald Chapman (Small Jazz Ensemble), John D'earth (Artist in Residence, Trumpet, Jazz Masterclass), Victor Dvoskin (Bass), Michael Ess (Guitar, SJE), Wells Hanley (Piano), Darryl Harper (Jazz History), J.C. Kuhl (Saxophone), Tony Martucci (Drum Set, SJE), Randall Pharr (Bass, SJE), Doug Richards (Arranging), Rex Richardson (Trumpet), and Marcus Tenney (Jazz Orchestra II, SJE).



Guests René Marie (vocals) and Joe Kennedy, Jr. (violin) in concert with VCU Jazz faculty Victor Dvoskin (bass), Howard Curtis (drums), and Skip Gailes (saxophone).

Photo credit: Eric Norbom

Come hear the sound of our ensembles—jazz and non-jazz. In particular, enjoy the maturity of our various jazz ensembles or visit the challenging jazz classes and rehearsals. VCU jazz students are serious about their jazz education, and so are their faculty. Hear the VCU Jazz Program's latest CDs, "Leap of Faith" and "Front Burner," featuring the VCU Jazz Orchestra I, one of our Small Jazz Ensembles, and our Faculty Jazz Septet—plus performances with guest artist John Riley (drums) and the students and faculty of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa).

The sixth recording in the last 25 years, "A Joyful Noise" is VCU's first recorded entirely live before an audience—and without a single remix, EQ adjustment, overdub, or intercut. These CDs are available at CDBaby.com, or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD with any major credit or debit card. Locally, find the CDs at our concerts.

"One of the top jazz programs in the country."
Dave Douglas, guest trumpet artist,
(spoken from the VCU concert stage)



VCU, one of Virginia's largest universities, is an urban, state-aided institution ranking among the top 100 universities in the nation in sponsored research. It serves some 32,000 students (approximately 22,000 undergraduate) via some 1,700 full-time faculty. Located in the heart of Richmond's historic Fan District, the Monroe Park Campus provides a vibrant setting for the study of music; and there are extensive, nationally ranked health and science programs at the nearby MCV Campus. The most popular undergraduate majors are the arts, biology, criminal justice, English, forensic science, history, mass communications, nursing, and psychology

Its School of the Arts comprises 16 programs and departments, with 3,000 students in Richmond and nearly 200 more in Doha, Qatar. It is the No. 1 public university school of arts and design in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. The VCU Music faculty numbers more than 20 full-time members, more than half of whom hold doctorates, plus more than 30 part-time instructors. Some 300 undergraduate students are enrolled as music majors; well over 400 others take music courses each semester. The Jazz Studies Program is but one of the great strengths of the Department, as evidenced in part by the VCU student Trumpet Quartet and Trombone Quartet performances in the United Kingdom, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble's concert in Carnegie Hall, the Commonwealth Singers' tour to China, and the Jazz Orchestra I's performances at The Midwest Clinic and at the Virginia Music Educators Assocation Conference.

Ayman Fanous, William Parker, Tatsuya Nakatani perform an avant-garde concert at VCU.

Photo credit: Antonio García


VCU's dedication to jazz began in the early 1960s, with student-led jazz festivals that brought such artists as Buddy DeFranco and Doc Severinsen to perform for and offer advice to area bands while VCU was still the Richmond Professional Institute (RPI). The VCU Jazz Studies Program, established in 1980, offers its students outstanding opportunities.
The Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies degree annually affords some 60 students avenues for pursuing jazz and classical studies, including with more than a dozen jazz faculty covering all the traditional jazz instruments; and VCU's urban campus offers opportunities for students to play in area club settings. The program has received Down Beat "Outstanding Performance" awards in the big band, combo, soloist, and vocalist categories and has appeared at the Smithsonian Institution, the IAJE Conference, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and in 2007 became the first university jazz band from the Commonwealth of Virginia to perform at The Midwest Clinic (an international band and orchestra conference, then in its sixty-first year).

The Jazz Program and Department of Music have also benefited from the addition of acclaimed Digital Recording, Music Industry, and Entrepreneurship courses, as well as from the extremely active music and arts scene in Richmond, Virginia that surrounds VCU.

Prof. Neil Gonsalves (UKZN) and Antonio García (VCU),
at UKZN's Centre for Jazz and Popular Music

Photo credit: Debbie Mari

Our jazz community includes Greater Richmond and its Richmond Jazz Society, an organization with over 400 members. And it includes real estate investor and philanthropist W.E. Singleton, who has committed $3 million to Virginia Commonwealth University, specifically to support the VCU Jazz Program. His gift-pledge at the time was the largest ever made in the United States to support university-level jazz education. In recognition of this gift, VCU's Performing Arts Center is formally named the W.E. Singleton Center for the Performing Arts; and the Music Center is named the James W. Black Music Center. This gift-pledge (arriving in installments) gives us a lot of flexibility to fund musical instrument repair and purchase, guest-artist visits, faculty and student ensemble recording, travel towards recruitment, and potential student scholarships.

Our community also includes numerous local venues at which students and faculty perform jazz. (See RICHMOND below.) The VCU Jazz E-Newsletter, which goes out to the local and national community, highlights not only the achievements of our current students, alumni, and faculty but also their recurring gigs so that the public will attend. VCU Jazz makes sure that the community knows where they can come out to support your music-making and your career!


"Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to come down to VCU. I had a wonderful experience all around. Your students were fantastic in every way. I was so impressed and that comes from your great leadership. They all had a deep respect for the music and for the other students whom they were playing with. You have a very mature program, and I found a new home and family in Richmond. All my best to you, the faculty, and especially the students"
Dick Oatts, guest saxophone artist

With our Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies for undergraduates, plus the Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band (for visiting high school students), students learn not only from their instructors but also from each other. In addition, guest artist/clinicians abound. VCU students have benefited from visits by numerous guest artists and clinicians ranging from creativity clinician Stephen Nachmanovitch and historian Kurt Dietrich to legends such as Frank Foster, Benny Carter, Woody Shaw, Thad Jones, John Abercrombie, Barry Harris, Dave Holland, Louie Bellson, Max Roach, Billy Hart, and Gunther Schuller to such acclaimed artists as Wynton Marsalis, Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, Art Baron, Ray Anderson, Ed Neumeister, Scott Colley, William Parker, Johnny Vidacovich, Matt Wilson, and John Hollenbeck.


VCU Jazz Prof. Antonio García (third from right) and guest Al Hermann (fifth from right, with baseball cap)
lead a trombone ensemble of students, faculty, high school students, and community members in tribute to J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding at VCU.

Photo credit: Bob Ellithorpe

Former VCU students include Steve Wilson (sax, Chick Corea's Origin); James Genus (bass, Saturday Night Live Band; recordings with Dave Douglas, Michael Brecker, Mike Stern and John Abercrombie); Victor Goines (sax/clarinet, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra; director, Northwestern Jazz Studies); Alvester Garnett (drums, recordings with Abbey Lincoln, Cyrus Chestnut, James Carter); Mark Shim (sax, Blue Note recording artist, member of Terence Blanchard sextet); Al Waters (sax, featured with Ray Charles); Alvin Walker (trombone, Count Basie Orchestra), Daniel Clarke (pianist, Mandy Moore, k.d. lang); and Emre Kartari (drums; Jazz Department, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey).

VCU alumnus Steve Wilson (sax) leads his Super Band of Patrice Rushen (piano),
alumnus James Genus (bass), and Billy Kilson (drums) in a performance/workshop for VCU students.

Photo credit: Antonio García

For example, the 53rd Annual Down Beat Critic's Poll recognized a number of VCU-related artists. Saxophone alumnus Steve Wilson merited #2 Rising Star/Soprano Sax and #8 Rising Star/Alto Sax and also placed in the category of Overall/Soprano Sax. Bass alumnus James Genus placed #2 in the category of Rising Star/Electric Bass. Alumnus Victor Goines placed in the Overall/Clarinet category. Grammy-winning composer/bandleader Maria Schneider (and VCU Music Industry guest lecturer) won in the categories of Jazz Album, Composer, and Arranger of the Year and also placed in the Jazz Artist and Big Band categories: her drummer is VCU alumnus Clarence Penn. Violinist Regina Carter, for whose combo our drum alumnus Alvester Garnett performs, placed first in the Jazz Violinist category. Former VCU student Nate Smith was saluted on drums via DB's recognition of The Dave Holland Quintet as Jazz Artist, Big Band, and Bassist of the Year. Also placing in the Artist of the Year category were Wynton Marsalis (allied with alumnus Victor Goines) and Dave Douglas (regularly collaborating with alumni James Genus on bass and Clarence Penn on drums). Brazilian vocalist Luciana Souza, with whom Penn and Genus perform, again received the #1 slot in the Rising Star/Female Vocal category and placed in the Overall category.

This trend continues annually. Our faculty are committed to your best interests, and our alumni can provide you a network of contacts and advisors.


At many institutions, non-Jazz majors have a considerably reduced opportunity to take jazz classes and ensembles. At VCU, if your audition is strong enough, you can be in the top jazz ensembles; and if your academic prerequisites are sufficient, you can usually get into a given jazz class.

The VCU Jazz Orchestra I performing for students visiting for VCU Jazz Day.

Photo credit: Antonio García


VCU believes in the importance of a diverse student body. As of Fall 2015 the student population was 42 percent male, 57 percent female and 1 percent undocumented; 51 percent white, 15 percent African-American, 12 percent Asian, and 22 percent other or not reported. This environment not only provides for the understanding and acceptance of other cultural backgrounds, but is also a great atmosphere for learning jazz, which itself stems from diverse cultural and musical influences and continues to be influenced by the world's music.

A VCU student performs in a workshop for guest artist
Zach Brock, himself a former student of García's.

Photo credit: Antonio García


Undergraduate tuition and required fees for Virginia residents in fall 2016 are approximately $13,130/year; non-resident undergraduate tuition is $32,287, with room and board approximately $10,000. Each year, the VCU Office of Financial Aid disburses an average financial aid of more than $10,000 to full-time undergraduates seeking assistance.

At many colleges, once you receive your scholarship as an entering freshman, that's pretty much the end of the funding you'll receive from your university. Contrast that with VCU—for a number of years each November VCU Jazz Studies has awarded supplemental scholarships from the concert stage, totaling $8,000-10,000 annually. Not a single student had to apply for it, and it was funded entirely by donations from the community to the VCU Jazz Students Fund.

We also offer the VCU Jazz Studies Student Grant program, to which students can apply for financial support towards research and creative projects. How many other jazz programs offer independent grants to its undergraduate students? In addition to formal scholarships and grants, VCU Jazz Studies frequently refers paid gigs to its best students.

If you are serious about jazz study, apply to VCU and apply for every pertinent financial aid. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the results!


I am fond of saying that Richmond has "more art per square inch than any town its size." It really is impressive. Take a look at the local music listings in our local daily or weekly papers in print or online: they're extensive (and not even comprehensive)! You'll find jazz, pop, rock, blues, metal, bluegrass, grunge, experimental, classical, country and more right here in Richmond—much of it close to VCU. Beyond that, there are museums, art galleries, theatres, ballet, historic districts, and more.

I also proudly state that while Richmond is not necessarily an ideal locale in which to make a lifelong career as a jazz musician, it is an ideal locale in which to be a jazz student. There are so many places that a young musician can take his or her creative music and find a venue in which to try it out on the public. The pay may not be great for a 50 year-old raising a family; but it is great for a college student (and probably beats delivering more pizzas).

VCU Sax Prof. Al Regni, former VCU Jazz Sax Prof. Skip Gailes,
guest Branford Marsalis, and fellow New Orleanian and
VCU Jazz Director Antonio García relax after Branford's workshop at VCU.

Richmond includes a redeveloped riverfront and the largest convention center in the state. The city has been a center for Fortune 500 companies, high-tech manufacturing, biosciences, and pharmaceuticals; and its business advantages and quality of life have been recognized by such publications as Money, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Fortune, Forbes, CNN Money, and Inc. magazines.

Kiplinger's announced its 2006 listing of Richmond as the "26th smartest place to live" in the United States (criteria including education, transportation, cultural offerings, health care, economic diversity, crime rate, weather, cost of living). Inc. in 2006 named Richmond as "One of the top 15 places to do business in America." Forbes magazine's 2008 listing again noted Richmond as "One of the Top 10 Business Cities." The 2004 National Policy Research Council's Gold Guide of America's Best Cities and States ranked Richmond as tenth in "Business Climate." CNN Money set Greater Richmond as one of 2006's "seven best summertime trips." Employment Review magazine recently selected Richmond as "One of the Top 20 Best Places to Live and Work" by Employment Review magazine. And when the Southeastern Institute of Research released its 2004 study of the reactions of 25- to 34-year-olds, it ranked Richmond as the third "coolest city" in America (after Washington, D.C. and New York and ahead of San Francisco).

Richmond has been called America's most historic city, its history largely defined by its location at the falls of the James River. It lies approximately two hours' drive east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, west of the Atlantic Ocean, and south of Washington D.C. It became a town in 1742 and the capital of the Commonwealth in 1780. Richmond's population is 191,300 (with a greater metropolitan population of some 935,000); and the city covers 63.5 square miles; its population is 56% African-American. Notably, the cost of living in Richmond is 40% below that of my former home in the Chicago area.

Virginia also fares well in the rankings: the 2004 National Policy Research Council's Gold Guide of America's Best Cities and States listed Virginia as fourth overall (behind only Massachusetts, Colorado, and Minnesota). That included fourth in business climate; sixth in technology, quality of life, and entrepreneurship and small business; and ninth in economic dynamism.

Read about Richmond's jazz scene—and some of VCU Jazz's contributions to it—in "The Rebirth of Real Jazz in Richmond" by Ken Hohman at AllAboutJazz.com.

So come join VCU Jazz in Richmond, Virginia: experience all that we have to offer!

Rochmond saxophonist Plunky Branch (right) rehearses with the combined VCU/UKZN ensembles
on student Victor Haskin'' new arrangement of Branch's "Nia."

Photo credit: Antonio García


"Before I'd heard you perform, I had considered asking another judge to come back to talk to you, since you were the last band of the night. But you moved me. You inspired me to remember the things that inspired me about big bands. Your exciting performance sparked memories of my own days in bands with such players as Jimmy Heath and Slide Hampton. So I felt I had to come speak with you personally. I have no suggestions for you other than to keep doing what you're doing."
Pat Martino, Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival Adjudicator, March 4, 2012 (regarding the VCU Jazz Orchestra I)

Click here to visit a VCU Jazz Photo Album of older photos.



(This is a summary of a year's initial concert calendar, as of August, simply to provide you a perspective of VCU Jazz's many offerings during a given year. It will not be updated here. For up-to-date information about VCU Jazz events, please e-mail Antonio García and ask to subscribe to the VCU Jazz E-Newsletter. It's free!)

Fall Semester

TH 8/21--VCU classes begin.

SUN 9/7, 4p--Darryl Harper Faculty Jazz Recital (clarinet, composition), Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Performers include Marianne Solivan (voice), Taylor Barnett (trumpet), Antonio Garcia (trombone), Wells Hanley (piano), Matthew Parrish (bass), and Harry "Butch" Reed (drums).

TH 9/18, 8p--Taylor Barnett Faculty Jazz Recital (trumpet, composition), Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Performers include Prof. J.C. Kuhl (tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet) and former VCU students Trey Pollard (acoustic guitar, pedal steel), Adam Larrabee (guitar, banjo), Cameron Ralston (bass), and Brian Caputo (drums).

SUN 9/21-SAT 9/27--Prof. Neil Gonsalves and University of KwaZulu-Natal jazz students visit VCU as part of our continuing partnership.

M 9/22, 7p--Rex Richardson Faculty Trumpet Recital, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. This "VCU Trumpet Spectacular" will feature Profs. Taylor Barnett, Kevin Maloney, Rex Richardson, Brian Strawley and Piano Prof. Yin Zheng in a program of jazz and classical music.

W 9/24, 8p--VCU Africa Combo and University of KwaZulu-Natal Jazz Storytellers Ensemble (Durban, South Africa), Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Part of an exchange program between UKZN and VCU Jazz Studies. Personnel include Kwena Elvis Ramahuta (voice), Rogan van den Berg (guitar), Lungelo Ngcobo (piano), Dalisu Ndlazi (bass), Jude Ganasen (drums), and UKZN Prof. Burton Naidoo (piano) with director Neil Gonsalves (piano); and Trey Sorrells (alto sax), Cody Reifsteck (tenor sax), Roger Pouncey Jr. (guitar), Ryan Moses (piano), Jordan Mason (bass), and Cleandré Foster (drums) with director Prof. Antonio Garcia (trombone).

M 9/29, 8p--Tony Martucci Jazz Quintet, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Luis Hernandez and Jeff Antoniuk (saxophones), John Lee (electric guitar), Tom Baldwin (bass), and Tony Martucci (drums). A VCU Faculty Jazz Recital.

F 10/3, 7:30p--Victor Dvoskin Faculty Jazz Recital (bass), with the Bob Hallahan Trio, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Former VCU Jazz Profs. Bob Hallahan (piano) and Brian Jones (drums) join Victor Dvoskin (bass), celebrating the release of the CD, "Here." At approximately 8:45p there will be a post-concert dialogue between audience and performers.

TH 10/9, 8p--Fall Jazz Festival: VCU Jazz Orchestra I & II, & VCU Jazz Faculty, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission is $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

F 10/10-SUN 10/12--Richmond Folk Festival (includes many forms of music sharing roots with jazz), downtown Richmond. Admission free.

SAT 10/11, 10:45a-12p--VCU Music Open House and Music Department Reception, following events presented by VCU and VCUarts that morning. Admission free, but advance registration required. Contact undergraduate Music admissions at <apply4music@vcu.edu>.

M 10/20--"Jazz Journeys," a VCU Commonwealth Society short course, begins with Prof. Antonio Garcia, VCU Director of Jazz Studies, Mondays, Session Two (Oct 20-Nov 17), 8:30-10:30a. Online registration will begin late August. For more information, contact CS Director Patricia Worley <psworley@vcu.edu>; or visit <www.arts.vcu.edu/commonwealthsociety>.

W 10/22, 8p--CD-release performance by Profs. Rex Richardson and Doug Richards, The Broadberry, 2729 West Broad Street. Admission is $8 for students, otherwise, $10 in advance and $12 at the door. The evening features performances of selections from Rex's new Summit CD "Blue Shift" as well as the new CD "Bugles Over Zagreb," the latter composed and conducted by Doug Richards. Performers will include many of Richmond's finest musicians (many with VCU connections), beginning with a quintet and finishing with a big band. CDs will be on sale at the venue. For more information visit <www.thebroadberry.com>.

TH 10/23, 8p--U.S. Army Blues jazz ensemble, Vlahcevic Concert Hall. A VCU BrassFest event. Admission free. For more information on the Army Blues, visit <www.usarmyband.com/blues/the-us-army-blues.html>.

TH 10/30, 8p--The ScottClark4tet, featuring Jason Scott (saxophone), Bob Miller (trumpet), Cameron Ralston (bass), and Scott Clark (drums), all former VCU students. Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Includes the premiere of Clark's composition "Bury My Heart." This concert is co-sponsored by VCU Jazz and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (<www.omsa.vcu.edu>) in anticipation of Native American History Month (November) and of the 150th anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre (November 29).

SAT 11/1, 10:45a-12p--VCU Music Open House and Music Department Reception, following events presented by VCU and VCUarts that morning. Admission free, but advance registration required. Contact undergraduate Music admissions at <apply4music@vcu.edu>.

TH 11/6, 8p--VCU Jazz Orchestra I with guest pianist/arranger Allen Farnham, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

M 11/24, 8p--VCU Small Jazz Ensembles, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free.

T 11/25, 8p--VCU Jazz Orchestra II, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

W 12/3, 3:40-5:30p--Guest trombonist Allen Hermann and host Antonio Garcia present "The Music of JJ & Kai," MC 1003. Free admission.

F 12/5, 7:30p--VCU Holiday Music Gala, including Jazz Orchestra II, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Tickets $10 adult, $5 children 12 and under; donations appreciated.

SUN 12/14, 4p and 7p--"A Richmond Big Band Christmas," directed by Prof. Taylor Barnett, featuring 14 of Richmond's finest jazz musicians--most VCU alumni--performing sacred Christmas songs in Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Tickets $15 Adults, $13 Children 12 and under. Visit <www.RVAChristmas.com> for more information and to purchase tickets. Net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit CrossOver Healthcare Ministry (<www.crossoverministry.org>), the largest free healthcare clinic in Virginia.

Spring Semester

M 1/5, 4-8p--VCU Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band Auditions, Music Center 1003.

T 1/6, 4-8p--VCU GRHSJB Auditions, Music Center 1003.

TH 1/15, 6-7:30p--VCU Africa Combo performs within VCU's "Let Freedom Ring" Martin Luther King Celebration Concert, Commonwealth Ballrooms, University Student Commons. For more information on weeklong events, visit <www.mlkday.vcu.edu>.

SUN 1/18, 2-4p--VCU GRHSJB rehearsal, Music Center 1003 (and most Sundays thereafter into May)

SAT 1/24, 8a--VCU Music/Jazz Auditions

F 1/30, 8p--Jazz 4 Justice© concert, featuring the VCU Jazz Orchestra I with vocalist Rachel Pietri, Jazz Orchestra II, Africa Combo, and vocal ensemble "What's the Ti?," Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Presented with the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation (<www.grbf.org>). Anne Holton, the Commonwealth of Virginia's Secretary of Education, will guest-conduct the JO I during the evening (<https://education.virginia.gov/about/staff/anne-holton-biography>), adding further to her rŽsumŽ as a former judge, First Lady of Virginia, lawyer, and longtime advocate for Virginia's youth and their education.
Admission is $30 adults, $15 students/seniors. Advance tickets are available from <www.go.vcu.edu/Jazz4Justice>. The ticket price includes admission to the concert, hors d'oeuvres, and the first drink. A cash bar will be available for additional beverages. A jam session will follow the concert; so community members can bring your instruments and join in! Musicians of all levels welcome! Don't play an instrument? Not to worry...just stay and enjoy the music, food, and cocktails!
Want to make it a special evening out? Purchase a VIP ticket package! Complete and return the VIP ticket order-form at <https://t.e2ma.net/click/m555tj/2tj5mq/6oepcl>. The VIP Package includes two tickets to the event, VIP seating, complimentary valet parking, name(s) in event program, and additional drink tickets.
Proceeds from the evening assist pro bono legal services in our community and will help provide VCU Jazz scholarships. Sponsorship opportunities are available; contact Alison Roussy <aroussy@grbf.org>, 780-2600. We are grateful for the sponsorship of 88.9 WCVE-FM radio, Haley Buick, and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.

SAT 1/31
9:30a-4p--VCU Jazz Day, free to invited high school students; events held in Singleton Center and the Music Center. Informal concert in Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center, 3p. Admission free.
8p--Richmond Symphony Orchestra's "Dukes of Dixieland," Carpenter Theatre. Non-subscriber tickets ranging from $10.00-$78.00. This evening celebrates New Orleans Jazz with the Dukes of Dixieland and the RSO. Opening this concert is the NoBS! Brass Band in their debut with a symphony orchestra. Visit <www.richmondsymphony.com/events_details.asp?id=353> for details.
A VCU SJE will perform pre-concert in the lobby.

SAT 2/14, 8a--VCU Music/Jazz Auditions

M 2/16, 8a-3p--VCU Music/Jazz Auditions.

TH 2/19, 8p--VCU Jazz Orchestra I, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

SUN 2/22, 4p--Antonio Garcia Faculty Jazz Recital (trombone, composition), Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free. Performers include Mary Hermann Garcia, The 804 Jazz Bones, the Hanover Concert Band, the VCU String Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra I with vocalist Rachel Pietri, student violinist Julia Nyunt, the VCU Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band, and (via video) the University of KwaZulu-Natal AsiHambe Jazz Ensemble.

SAT 3/7-SAT 3/14--The VCU Africa Combo visits the University of KwaZulu-Natal, including performing an exchange concert in Durban, South Africa that premieres newly commissioned works from both universities.

T 3/17, 7:30p--VCU Jazz Orchestra I, private concert at Westminster-Canterbury.

T 3/24, 8p--VCU Jazz Orchestra II, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

T 3/31, 7:30p--Kyffin Junior Jazz Studies recital (bass), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

F 4/3
7p--Tonito Walls Junior Jazz Studies recital (saxophone), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.
8p--Trey Sorrells Senior Jazz Studies recital (saxophone), Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free.

SAT 4/4, 6p--Jordan Mason Senior Jazz Studies recital (bass), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

T 4/7, 5p--Macon Mann Junior Jazz Studies recital (piano), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

W 4/8, 6:30p--Stephan LaRue Junior Jazz Studies recital (drums), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

SAT 4/11, 5p--Doug Jemison Senior Jazz Studies recital (saxophone), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

T 4/14, 8p--VCU Jazz Orchestra I with guest saxophonist Dick Oatts, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. $7 advance; $10 at the door; free with VCU student ID.

TH 4/16, 8p--VCU Small Jazz Ensembles, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free.

SAT 4/18, 6:30p--Logan Beaver Senior Jazz Studies recital (saxophone), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

SUN 4/19
5:30p--John Christian Senior Jazz Studies recital (drums), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.
8p--Ryan Moses Senior Jazz Studies recital (piano), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

M 4/20, 4:30p--Roger Pouncey, Jr. Senior Jazz Studies recital (guitar), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

T 4/21, 8p--Randall Mailand Junior Jazz Studies recital (piano), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

TH 4/23, 5:30p--Willie Denton-Edmundson Senior Jazz Studies recital (guitar), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

SAT 4/25
1:30p--Colleen Trempe Senior Jazz Studies recital (trombone), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.
6:40-7:30p--VCU Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band, Titan Jazz & Art Festival, Trinity Episcopal School, Richmond. Admission free.

T 4/28, 2p--Cody Reifsteck Jazz Studies recital (saxophone), Recital Hall, 1015 Grove Avenue. Admission free.

SAT 5/16
1p--VCU Greater Richmond High School Jazz Band, Vlahcevic Concert Hall, Singleton Center. Admission free.
7p--Premiere of "Hanover Celebration," composed by Antonio Garcia, commissioned by Marshall Johnson in honor of the 25th Anniversary Year of the Hanover Concert Band. This concert of the Hanover Concert Band, (Karla Bloom, director), will be presented at the Fairmount Christian Church, 6502 Creighton Road in Mechanicsville, just off I-295. Admission will be to bring non-perishable food items to stock the shelves of the Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Fund.

Contact number for general concert/ticket information: (804) 828-6776, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9a-12p.
Watch for announcements of additional events throughout the year!

For more information on the jazz curricular and concert programs available at Virginia Commonwealth University, please visit the VCU JAZZ web site.


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