Clinician Assistance

Leading a jazz trombone workshop for All-State high school students—one of the many sessions García presents that have been co-sponsored by The Selmer Company.

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Arthur Montzka

"May I begin by thanking the Selmer Company for sponsoring Mr. García. Antonio was the ultimate clinician: of course a virtuoso on his horn, but more importantly, a great mentor and tremendous role model. At our first rehearsal an immediate bond was established between artist/mentor and pupil. Antonio took time to care about each student and reach out to their needs. His style was relaxed yet focused and inspired students to support each other. Through his motivation students further developed a trust among themselves. This trust enabled the group to procure their highest performance level. Antonio's extensive knowledge of jazz is apparent. However, his dedication and charismatic approach are the factors that my students will remember. His communication skills spoke to them and not at them, something that is very rare for a musician of his stature."
Robert Blazek, Director, Youth Jazz Ensemble of DuPage

Antonio García plays Bach Selmer tenor and bass trombones exclusively. The Conn-Selmer Company has generously co-sponsored many visits by García into various venues around the world to deliver educational clinics and master classes. Note that Conn-Selmer's assistance applies only to such workshops, not to funding concert appearances. However, such clinic assistance often makes it more possible for an educational venue to co-fund a package of activities that includes Antonio García in clinic and concert work.

The application process for the Education Venue to apply to engage Antonio García is as follows:

Grant applications will be accepted by Conn-Selmer no sooner than 120 days and no later than 60 days prior to the event.

If approved, Conn-Selmer will issue a contract to the venue indicating the amount of Conn-Selmer's participation (typically no more than $200 or half the residency fee, whichever is less). You must then return one signed copy prior to the event. The contract requires that the venue make known Conn-Selmer's co-sponsorship of the clinic and also send Conn-Selmer a sample of advertising materials and programs within 14 days of the event. Following receipt of those materials, Conn-Selmer issues its payment directly to Antonio García.

After you have consulted with Antonio García regarding potential visit details, he will provide a form for you to apply with towards financial assistance from Conn-Selmer.

Please direct your questions to Antonio García regarding the visit.

"Tony engaged our 7th and 8th graders in active listening to famous artists, demonstrating most ably on his trombone, and involving them in echo and improvisation activities on percussion instruments. His command of the class, excellent pacing, understanding of the adolescent student, and engaging personality made this a really worthwhile educational experience."
Mary Brown, Music Teacher, Saints Faith Hope and Charity School (IL)

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