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Bio Sheet
4 García Bios

Two Page Tri-fold Brochure

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Hi-Res JPEG Files

MusicPro Magazine Feature on Antonio Garcia (Fall 2008)

Pages 1-2

Pages 3-4

Page 5

(provided via permission from Jim Fischer, MusicPro magazine)


5" x 7" Color

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Jean-Philippe Cyprès

10" x 10" Color

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5" x 7" Black & White
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Jean-Philippe Cyprès

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Jean-Philippe Cyprès




See García interviewed regarding jazz pedagogy here and here.

See his brief answers to "Five Questions" about the creative process: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5.

Read a "Q & A" with Antonio García about how his career path was at the same time unlikely yet pre-destined.
His entry is the last among the several interviewees within
"Careers in Music," a PDF download from The Midwest Clinic.

Listen to García interviewed on “With Good Reason: Jazz & Civil Rights,” May 15, 2010, broadcast on 88.9 WCVE-FM and affiliated radio stations throughout Virginia, archived and available anytime thereafter at the show's web site. Download a related PDF handout here.

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